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Meet the Team

We are blessed to have so many men willing to serve in our congregation.  Feel free to reach out to anyone on our Leadership Team and they will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Our Ministers

Our Elders

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We are blessed to have these men shepherding our congregation

Our Deacons

VSCOC- Areas of Work

Shepherds are in Bold, Deacons are Italicized

Bryan Barnett

  • Communion

    • Robert Burton

  • Congregational Assistance

    • Dan O'Hair, Jason Cullison

  • Fellowship/Activities

    • Keith Schubert 

Will Mulhollan

  • Building & Grounds

    • Rex Lastly

  • Safety/Security

    • Jason Cullison, Dan O'Hair

Philip Johnston

  • Children's Education

    • Ronnie Feller

  • LTC (Leadership Training for Christ)

    • Ronnie Feller

  • Budget/Finances

    • Kurt Jones

Pat Thomas

  • Adult Bible Classes

    • Clint Mulhollan

  • Benevolence/ Outreach/ Evangelism 

    • Randy Hagin, Ronnie Feller

Mike Lewis

  • Marketing/Technology

    • Jeremy Meyers

  • Worship

    • Kurt Jones, Rex Lastly


Have a need or need to contact a shepherd or deacon for assistance? Please contact the church office at 512-756-2253.

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